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  1. There are multiple versions for Linux. I'm using Linux mint with Intel core. Which version of BitTorrent Sync should I use? Linux_x64 or x64? What the difference of these two listed on the download page?
  2. I'm curious why I observe delay on Linux systems. As I mentioned it happens quite often on my Linux systems. Usually after I modify a small text file it takes a long time for it to be synced.
  3. I'm using Linux (Debian and Ubuntu). Is the MAC the only platform that has the delay problem?
  4. I have been using BitTorrent Sync for a while. I've tried many different cloud backup solutions (including several other peer-to-peer backup tools) and finally choose BitTorrent Sync and Dropbox as my cloud backup solutions. Generally speaking, BitTorrent Sync is fast once it starts to synchronize. However, I found quite often that BitTorrent Sync waits for a long time (about 5 to 6 minutes) to start synchronization. As BitTorrent Sync has no reliable way to show synchronization progress on Linux (don't trust the web UI) currently, it is very annoying for me as I constently use multiple computers at the same time. To address this issue, I even wrote a bash script to test whether a local file has been synchronized with the remote one. Dropbox on the contrast is much better on real-time synchronization. Changes on files in the Dropbox folder is almost immediately captured. I wonder whether BitTorrent Sync can do a better job to detect changes faster? Perhaps cache freqently changed files?