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  1. There was no Firewall. I think the App for Drobo have a bug. So i buy a raspberry Pi Mountete the nas and instal bittorrent sync. Everything is in sync and fine. Thanks a lot
  2. i make this: http://www.droboport...1-0-132/drobofs Browse the DroboFS with explorer (typed \\{drobofs ip address} ) and mapped a network drive to theDroboApps shared. The DroboApps Share isn't visible through Drobo dashboard.Downloaded btsync.tgz and copied it into the DroboApps driveUsed Drobo Dashboard to restart the DroboFSBrowsed to http://{drobofsipaddress}:8888/I see the Web UI, can make a scret, but my PC (Windows) canĀ“t sync. whats wrong ?Thanks
  3. I use two Drobo 5N. Is it possible to sync one Drobo with another? I want to use it as an offsite backup (one-on-one). An App for Drobo would be great! Does anyone have a guide for this stuff? Sincerly, a bittorrent-Noob