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  1. Sorry, meanwhile i have bypassed the problem by creating a new folder and start to syncing all files again. it’s not a good but a working solution. The log was oddly deleted or overwritten.
  2. btsync tells me every time the sate of the folder is "sync" but my folder stays empty. here is a detailed debug log. [20140204 12:41:14.041] Sending broadcast ping for share 2BAF8E6DE739A9162BF693A188AC806097F75B58[20140204 12:41:14.042] Send ping to peer (00C32BEB6D1DDB78C9DD965BA9D0D3C96130051D) for share 2BAF8E6DE739A9162BF693A188AC806097F75B58:[20140204 12:41:14.042] ping ip-adress:63343 directly[20140204 12:41:14.042] Sending broadcast ping for share 95CF9500F39114B898F7A8A9F8BEF2EAEB7C414F[20140204 12:41:14.042] Got id message from peer FENRISULFR (00C32BEB6D1DDB78C9DD965BA9D0D3C96130051