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  1. +1, but I would settle just for a working Android app in BB10 Android runtime. With the new 10.3.1 likely supporting integration with the Amazon app store, I am hoping that the compatibility issues will disappear. There a lot of non native apps in BB World, that are pure Android apps. client is one of them and I might have to choice but use it for the time being...
  2. @GreatMarko: thx for the link. The file was not listed on the page, but your direct link worked fine. @RomanZ: Yes, I am aware. It was for my own amusement. Pretty much the only app that I miss on BB10. I tried .56 yesterday and with a read/write key file created on the phone would sync to my server fine. Files created on the server would not sync properly to the phone. Funny thing that btsync would create a multi MB file on the phone (the original was 7 bytes) and would show download/upload activity at 10..20 bytes per sec. So, seems like I could only use btsync for backing up files from th
  3. @RomanZ, what is the "same location"?
  4. Where can I download the latest apk from? I want to try to load it on my new blackberry z30... Thanks in advance.