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  1. Thanks! Is this something that's being worked on or considered to be fixed in the future? And if so: Is there some kind of public bug tracker to follow?
  2. Hi, so - since the "root folder" ~/Sync is obviously added to sync and the iOS Camera Roll just provides read-only secret, there is no way to add that folder under ~/Sync ? Technical issues aside, that seems like a pretty huge usability issue. If someone gives me read-only access to stuff I would also want that under ~/Sync/Shares/Someone vs. ~/AllOverThePlace ~/MoreStuff ~/EvenMoreStuff ~/IamFreakingOutAnotherOne. Is there no way to neatly have everything under one root folder which is also synced? I'd also expect that if I have read-only folders under ~/Sync and sync ~/Sync with e.g. my NA
  3. Bittorrent Sync is a really interesting concept - hoping it will be wildly successful (and that encrypted nodes provides will provide the same convenience we have with non tin-foil had proof services these days). Migrating my stuff to Bittorrent Sync I am however running into an issue. I have a ~/Sync folder, which is the replacement for what was ~/Dropbox before. In that folder I have shares with different people e.g. ~/Sync/Shares/John Doe/ - that's all working fine and dandy. Now I am trying to set up ~/Sync/Camera Uploads/ with the secret that the iOS app gave me for the Camera-Roll sy