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  1. The 2nd machine is read only. The 1st machine is the Owner. So everything I put on the first machine should go to the second machine. The second machine never gets used so I don't think the files got manually deleted or anything like that. I just checked the box to overwrite so we'll see what happens. If it starts syncing, is there any way to view the queue so I can tell which actual files it's working on?
  2. Like I said, " If I create a new file, it shows up on the other side within a few seconds. However, there are folders already on the first computer that aren't on the 2nd one. " I just need to know how I tell the 2nd computer to refresh its list and realize that it's missing folders. Or do I need to undo the sync and set it up again from scratch so that it will inventory what it has and download what it's missing?
  3. Howdy, I've been using Sync for years to keep two folders in sync between two computers. I noticed today that not all the folders from one PC are making it to the second. If I create a new file, it show sup on the other side within a few seconds. However, there are folder already on the first computer that aren't on the 2nd one. Is there an easy way to tell the 2nd computer to refresh it's list and do a full compare to find the files it's missing and copy them again? Or is there any way to find out what's going wrong? I also noticed a strange icon next to the Sync icon on the fo
  4. I was finally able to figure it out. Someone the syncing got paused from the source side. No idea how. It'd be nice if the Sync client could show that one of its peers was in a paused state.
  5. Howdy, I'm replacing the computer I have all my media files on and figured I would use Sync to transfer the data between the two. I have a Movies folder and a TV Shows folder. I added them both to Sync on the new computer without any issues. Movies started syncing right away and chugged through until it was done. However, TV Shows just sits at 0% and never does anything. Both folders show 1 peer online and everything looks normal but the TV Shows folder just doesn't do anything. Is there anything I can check to figure out what's going on? It did sync the folder names over a
  6. OK. That's what I thought I would have to do. How does this affect a share that goes between a bunch of computers? I have 4 machines that all sync the same folder. If I "remove" that folder from one of them, move the files to the new drive, then add it back by getting the key from one of the other 3, does that add the moved machine back into the group with all 4 or do I have to make any changes to the other 3? Thanks.
  7. Howdy, I setup a sync pair but for some reason it was saying Read Only instead of Read & Write so I clicked Decline. I redid the link and made sure I chose Read & Write but now it automaticlaly denies the new client. How can I clear out the blocked list or something so I can make this sync work? Thanks.
  8. Hi, I saw some references to this for old versions of Sync but didn't find anything concrete for the current version. I have a folder at c:\users\me\whatever that's all synced up and working fine with two other computers. I added a 2nd hard drive to my computer so I want to move all the files and such over to the D drive. I'd rather not have to resync everything because it's 200+ gigs of stuff. Does anyone have any step by step instructions on what I need to do to make it work properly? Thanks!
  9. Howdy, I had computer A sync to computer B to act as a backup. Computer A died and I had to reinstall Windows. When I open sync on Computer B it says it's Read Only and I can't share it out back to computer A now that it's been reinstalled. What are the proper steps to make this work? Do I need to setup a new share on computer A and tell computer B to put it in the same folder it was going to last time? Will that just sync everything back to A where I need it? Thank.
  10. Howdy, I have a folder with a bunch of files that I need to share with a friend. I was going to share out the file and send him a link but I noticed the disclaimer that says: Once access is granted, it cannot be changed or revoked Does that mean once I share a folder I can never stop sharing the folder? That seems strange. Is that right? Can I just make a new folder a move the files and then delete the original one? I don't want to share the folder forever. Not sure if I'm misreading the warning or what that really means. Thanks!
  11. OK. So it's just the middle option that I'd rather not have happen. I'm sure I can work around that though. Thanks.
  12. I'm not on a machine where I have Sync installed or I'd just test this myself but hopefully it's an easy question for someone who knows I want to sync a folder on computer A to a folder on computer B (obviously). However, I don't want any changes on computer B to come back to computer A. AND I only want ADDs on computer A to get synced over. If I add something to A, it syncs to B. If I delete something on A, I don't want it to also delete on B If I add or delete something on B, I don't want that to do anything to A Can that be done? Thanks.
  13. OK, I unlinked them all and did them separate and now it works back like how 1.4 did which is what I wanted. I can now share a link and it asks me where I want to put those files on the second computer which is perfect. I don't think I'll need the ability to add a folder and have it just go automatically so I shouldn't need them linked together. Thanks!
  14. OK, that helps. So I think I'll just use 3 separate identitied to keep things nice and organized. However, the Moving Folders thing may give me trouble. I currently sync all our photos to a certian location on the C drive of the "server". I just added another drive to that machine and want future syncing items to go to the D drive now. I thought with 1.4 I could use the share link and then it would just ask me where I wanted to put it on the second machine. Will it do that if I set them to use separate identities? Or do I need to change the default folder to the D drive for new thing
  15. So I currently use Sync to copy all my photos between my laptop, my wife's laptop, and my "server" computer. Have been using 1.4 and it's been working fine. I just upgraded to 2.0 and have a couple questions. 1) I had been using all 3 of my computers as my computers so on the new ones I put in the long code so they are all listed as My devices. I'm wondering if I should have done that or if they should be under their own identities. 2a) I now want to also use this as a sort of Backup system. I added a folder to sync on my wife's laptop (Documents) and want to sync it to the Server com