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  1. I'm trying to use BitTorrent Sync to backup my Mac's "user" folder (/Users/Chris) to my PC and Linux server. (So my documents, photos, etc.) But I want to ignore certain things, like the Library folder, Desktop folder, and Movies folder. Here's what I've tried: A .SyncIgnore file directly in /Users/Chris. I've tried the following contents: Attempt 1: Library DesktopMovies Attempt 2:Library* Desktop*Movies* Attempt 3: ~/Library* ~/Desktop* ~/Movies* To my frustration, none of these attempts have stopped these 3 folders from syncing. I've tried restarting BitTorrent Sync each time after each change. I've ensured the .SyncIgnore file has read and write permissions for users, group, and other. I've even added a .SyncIgnore file to the destination computers, with each of these attempts. All zero luck. It still syncs everything. What am I doing wrong?