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  1. Thanks so much cipherplain! I'll check that out!
  2. Experiencing the same thing with BTSync v1.4.93 between two OS X 10.10 machines on the same local network both connected via ethernet. 42GB transferred started out blazing flat but has now dropped to 10 KB/s with projections that it'll take "a month" to finish.
  3. So turns out I was the syncing-equilivant of the guy who thinks his speakers dow't work but he unknowingly has mute on! I was on a pre-1.3 version of BT Sync... I could have sworn I had turned on auto-updates but I guess not. FWIW I updated it on both of my Macs and now syncing Mavericks tags work FLAWLESSLY! Nice work on whoever's job it was to implement this.
  4. So I noticed that in the release notes for 1.3 it says that syncing extended attributes is supported in OS X (which is great!) Since Mavericks tags use extended attributes I figured this meant they would sync... However in my tests they do not. Basically I've just been tagging photo and video files on one Mac (10.9.2 FWIW), however even though the files sync just fine to another Mac (10.9.2 as well) the files themselves are not tagged. Any ideas? Perhaps BT Sync syncing extended attributes ≠ syncing Mavericks tags?