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  1. Since one month? Isn't it essential to regulate the network speed?
  2. Seems to be a bug? I have no other devices in the lan.
  3. No I don't Does this limit just affect the internet traffic?
  4. BT Sync is ignoring the download limit (and yes I did restart btsync after changing the option )
  5. Same problem the other way around: I have now a read only Folder and would like to change it to a read/write folder. I still can't change the key...
  6. Hi! I have installed BTsync on my Raspberry Pi this way: wget http://btsync.s3-website-us-east-1.amazonaws.com/btsync_arm.tar.gztar -zxf btsync_arm.tar.gzsudo mkdir /etc/btsyncsudo mv btsync /etc/btsyncrm btsync_arm.tar.gzcd /etc/btsyncsudo chown root:root btsyncsudo chmod 755 btsyncSource The disadvantge is that I don't get automatic updates. I tried to add the following ppas: https://launchpad.net/~tuxpoldo/+archive/btsync add-apt-repository ppa:tuxpoldo/btsyncafter apt-get updateI still get apt-get install btsyncE: Unable to locate package btsync How can I fix this or is there any better
  7. Great! Thanks! Did you implement this after you read my posting?
  8. Hi Guys! I have some folders on my PC which I sync to a harddrive connected with raspberry pi. The folders on my PC are the source folders, the onces on the RPi are the destination. How can I remove the full access key from these folders?
  9. Thanks for your help. I will use rsync
  10. Found this: "Selected folder is already added to BitTorrent Sync" If you try to add a folder to BitTorrent Sync and you see this message, it's likely that you've already used the "secret" you're entering for one of the other folders you're currently syncing. It's not possible to sync two separate folders on the same device using the same "secret". How can I release that btsync is mirroring the hard disk to hidrive?
  11. I am trying to use btsync with my Raspberry Pi. I mounted HiDrive (a german storage provider) and a Hard Disk. What I intend to do is to mirror Files from my PC to the HardDrive and from the HardDrive to the cloud stroage (hidrive). The first step works I could connect my PC to the RPi and the files are synchronised. But I can't add the (mounted) hidrive folder. I get the message that the folder has already been added: The Folder on the HDD looks like this:
  12. I'd like to create a backup solution with raspberry pi and btsync: The Destination is my Computer which syncs the data to a hard drive conncted to the raspberry pi. At the same time I would like to sync the files to a gaerman storage provider (strato hdrive) which supports ftp. Would this be possible with btsync or do I need an additional application to transfer the files to this storage?