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  1. I am running 1.4.103 on all devices (RPi / Windows 8). Btsync has weird problems to sync via the internet to my RPi. Sometimes it sysncs sometimes it just stops syncing. Lets take a look at the folder "Pictures". In the overview it shows me a green tick: But in the Peer list it shows that there are some files missing: Then I use my VPN which is running on the same RPi on which btsync runs, the synchronization is running well. Another PC has the same problem. Any ideas?
  2. same Problem with 1.4.103 on both devices: [2015-01-02 11:36:28] FC[5B0B]: LoadTorrent: wrong number of pieces for file //file.jpg without metadata, resetting it
  3. I have 3 devices connected to sync. 2 devices are synced, one device shows "out of sync" I suspect the sync ignore list which looks like this: On the windows devices: On the linux device: How can I find out the problem? edit: I tried created a new file which wasn't synced: [2014-10-21 22:19:25] MC[9E43] [2939]: will send file /test.txt[2014-10-21 22:19:25] SF[9E43] [2939]: State sync finished[2014-10-21 22:19:25] SF[9E43] [2939]: Going to sync state with peer 67.215.231.xxx:3000[2014-10-21 22:19:25] ScheduledTask:SyncState invoked:immediately reason:FinishStateSync - sync not
  4. Hi! I trying to exclude a folder with the IgnoreList: Windows: \Sonstiges\Programme\Outlook In linux: /Sonstiges/Programme/Outlook Is this correct? Or do I have to remove the first "/" in linux? The problem is that the folders are "out of sync".
  5. I just solved it by deleting the whole appdata folder and saving the old sync.dat file and replacing it in the new created folder.
  6. I have the same Poblem. OS is Win 8.1. I am running version 1.4.93 of btsync. I just reinstalled btsync and also iExplore 11 but the problem remains.
  7. every time I update btsync on my RPi, the config (which folders are synced) are not deleted. I like to know where this config file is saved.
  8. Done --> Still no autostart Done (the newer version) --> Still no autostart
  9. Only avast antivir free. But isn't it weired that in the task manager btsync is shown as "activated"? I thought the task manager reads this values from teh registry.
  10. I installed btsync (1.3.106) on several devices, only on win 8.1 btsync does not start automatically. The weird thing ist that it appears in the task manager in the autostart tab: In BTsync the checkbox is ticked on: I also tried to start btsync as admin and ticked the box but it hasn't changed anything.
  11. Could solve it with "touching" the files on Pi (thanks to the support), but this does not explain why this happend and I can not be sure if other files have the same problem.
  12. The Raspberry is just a storage, I can not open this file from there. root The other file with the same permissions has been synchronized.
  13. I have 3 devices which are synchronising one folder. Everything works finde besides one file. On device A (Laptop) the file was created, it was sent to Device B (Raspberry Pi). Device A has been turnd off and device C (Tower PC) has been turned on. The Raspberry does not send the file to the Tower. I read the FAQs but could not find the reason for this behaviour. I created another file in the same folder and this file has been synchronised without any problems. The red "censored" file is not synchronised... The second thing I discovered is that the update check is not working at all... no
  14. Yes I know that there is no Server between the two parties. But if a special "secret" is created which dont' gives full rights to the "slave" folder may wait for a request from the "master" to stop the access to the folder. I hope my idea is understandable. At least there should be a way to restrict the write access from a certain machine to the folder: A is creating a folder and gives B Access to the folder. On the machine of A it should be possible to block all request from B's machine.
  15. I would like to request the following feature in Bittorrent Sync: In DropBox it is possible to grant or revoke read and/or write access to a folder. This could be implemented with a secret which can be revoked by the "master". This should inlcude the possibility to write files in this folder and the "master" should have the possibility to restrict access whenever he wants. Would this be possible or are there any technical problems to realise this idea?
  16. Thanks for the hint Hope this will be resolved soon.
  17. Would it be possible to add a Feature what will make BT Sync as nice as dropbox: Why can't I have "master" rights with a user name and password to a specific folder which would allow me to revoke read/write priviliges to an other device / user? Like it is possible in Dropbox. Is it because of the decentralized structure that this isn't possible?