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  1. I can confirm that it works to update IE. I was also not running Win7 SP1, I was running Win7 pure. If others have the same problem, note that you cannot install IE10 or 11 on Win7 pure. However, IE9 works fine and fixes the GUI problem after a restart. My friend is running Win7 SP1, and it apparently has IE9.
  2. Thank you for an answer. I am on Windows 7, SP1. (As you can see from the Aero window, I am not running XP, but must to be runnning Vista, 7 or 8.) Why would I have to update crapware (Internet Explorer) to run Bittorrent Sync? Some of my friends run the same OS without updated IE and they don't have problems.
  3. My GUI is blank after the update. Program works fine aside from this. Restarting it doesn't work. Ideas?