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  1. Goodday, I have a need for selective versioning, at least per share. The case in point is that I have a directory for work ducments and another for VM instances I want to sync between two computers, my desktop ( a fast computer) and my laptop (not as fast, but needed when out in the field , coupled with a backup central NAS server. The image size of the VMs directory totals only 5G (Linux instances but as they run, I have a 6x multiplication in less that 24hours, synching to the central NAS/backup server. Okay, on the NAS (Linux server) I could start a separate btsync instance, but I do
  2. I love the p2p idea in *some* cases, and in others I want an OwnCloud/DropBox solution (central server arbitraging for documents getting edited, and syncing as and when the users are available as the central server/store/cloud is "always" available, and with OwnCloud it's in your control) What I've been looking at doing, is setting up a "sync server" in the cloud with my hosting provider (that already does multi-Terabyte tansfers) so that I have the best of both worlds: a p2p sync, but a "cloud" store that is available whenever my other peers aren't available. perhaps create ready to deploy Am