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  1. Possibly related: I've just installed 1.4 and I'm running on a high-DPI screen. 1.3 looked fine, but 1.4 seems to not be paying attention to the system DPI settings - all the text etc. is tiny compared to the other apps
  2. Yes, I'm using 1.3.94 - email sent. FWIW, the directory in question was actually a junction point Windows had created (redirecting the 'old' location to the new Music folder location for backwards compat, I guess?). Adding the directory in question to .SyncIgnore didn't seem to help at all, however removing the junction has now let the sync succeed and it's got the full file list / sizes indexed now - so the error isn't actually occurring for me any more (although I suppose I could add the junction back in if you needed to to try and recreate the error!). Thanks
  3. I've installed btsync on my laptop (Windows 8) & a Linux server. I have two folders shared on the laptop - the server has them synced as RW although in practice I'm normally only changing files on the laptop. One folder (~5000 files) is synced fine. The other is listed in sync on the laptop as 1.4GB in ~13000 files, but it's actually about 4GB in 25,000 files (both Explorer & Command Prompt confirm), and the Linux server has only got 1.4GB of the files. Interestingly the Linux server has files/directories with filenames beginning with letters L-Z and only one file beginning A-K (there should be hundreds!) so it's like the indexing on the laptop has just not finished ... but the laptop claims it's indexed OK (and I set it up last week so it's had a good few days to do so!). The only entries in the .SyncIgnore file on the laptop are the following which look like reasonable defaults (I haven't intentionally changed the ignore file): .DS_Store.DS_Store?._*.Spotlight-V100.Trashesehthumbs.dbdesktop.iniThumbs.dbLaptop is running sync 1.3.94. Does anybody have any suggestions for how to fix, or how to get more info to help diagnose things? Thanks! (EDIT: I just tried creating a new file in the folder named AAAA.txt and that's synced fine, so it looks like new files are syncing fine, it's just failed to index [some of] the existing files when I created the share, and isn't adding them in subsequently?) (FURTHER EDIT: I enabled logging, and the following lines look relevant; it gets halfway through scanning the folder and then gives this error; [2014-05-12 11:42:35] SyncFilesController [file updated]: Processing file \\?\C:\Users\ficedula\Documents\My Videos 1399830078 4096[2014-05-12 11:42:35] SyncFolderScanner: GetFileList failed for folder \\?\C:\Users\ficedula\Documents\My Videos - error I guess there's something in the My Videos folder that makes it fall over. I'll try excluding that folder from the sync - because I don't need it synced anyway - but it'd be good if an error scanning that subfolder didn't prevent all the other subfolders/files from getting scanned/synced?