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  1. Possibly related: I've just installed 1.4 and I'm running on a high-DPI screen. 1.3 looked fine, but 1.4 seems to not be paying attention to the system DPI settings - all the text etc. is tiny compared to the other apps
  2. Yes, I'm using 1.3.94 - email sent. FWIW, the directory in question was actually a junction point Windows had created (redirecting the 'old' location to the new Music folder location for backwards compat, I guess?). Adding the directory in question to .SyncIgnore didn't seem to help at all, however removing the junction has now let the sync succeed and it's got the full file list / sizes indexed now - so the error isn't actually occurring for me any more (although I suppose I could add the junction back in if you needed to to try and recreate the error!). Thanks
  3. I've installed btsync on my laptop (Windows 8) & a Linux server. I have two folders shared on the laptop - the server has them synced as RW although in practice I'm normally only changing files on the laptop. One folder (~5000 files) is synced fine. The other is listed in sync on the laptop as 1.4GB in ~13000 files, but it's actually about 4GB in 25,000 files (both Explorer & Command Prompt confirm), and the Linux server has only got 1.4GB of the files. Interestingly the Linux server has files/directories with filenames beginning with letters L-Z and only one file beginning A-K (ther