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  1. Can anyone elaborate on "Fixed continual indexing issue in certain cases" Does this fix the issue of endlessly trying to sync xattrs between Linux and OS X? Can I revert the exceptions in .SyncIgnore?
  2. @markswift: I spent most of last week figuring this out. It turns out you need to add the streams to .SyncIgnore on the LINUX machines, not just the source Mac. Specifically, adding: * * to the .SyncIgnore on every system is what fixed it. Oh, and you need to restart BTSync on every system as well. @BTSync team: At the very least, this issue needs an entry in the FAQ. I get that xattrs need to be synced, but the current implementation completely breaks Mac<->Linux syncing, with no explanation for why it doesn't work. I don't see why the functionality can't be selectively disabled on the Linux client until it's working properly; it literally just needs to add the appropriate lines to .SyncIgnore in the same way that .thumbs.db is added. In my judgment, that seems like a bigger bug than the one you are fixing. No sync at all is worse than incomplete sync for certain specific apps.