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  1. I am a long-time paying user to sync between my windows laptop and ios devices, this weekend I will migrate to a new computer, and will do a fresh resilio sync install & resync between my computer and ios devices. Is the 2.6.0 version sufficiently stable, ie the best version to use now for a fresh install or should I go with 2.5 still?

  2. I have resilio syncing files between my W10 comp and iOS devices with selective sync disabled (so i have everything offline synced). I now have a ton of "grayed out" files, many of them historical temp files (starting with "~"), showing on my ios devices as "downloading". They do not exist on the W10 directory, i checked even hidden files. How to clean this up / prevent this from happening in the future?

  3. I am a long-time BTS user (the one-time-fee paid version) on Win10 / iOS. I have noticed that my Win10 machine quite often crashes with high 40-50% CPU usage from BTS despite having nothing to sync - when this happens, it won't open with righ-click and i have to terminate the process.  This seems to happen when I connect my laptop to the internet via CELLULAR (I have not noticed this on wifi, but maybe that's just because on wifi it's connected to power so i don't notice the battery drain). What could it be / what could i do to help diagnose the problem (which logs / where to send)?

  4. I have Resilio Sync app on iPad, with app protection by passcode/TouchID enabled. I usually use iPad in landscape (horizontal) mode with the keyboard accessory and experience two issues:

    1) Minor issue: upon starting the RS app, the passcode keypad shows up at 90 degree angle, as if ipad was in portrait mode

    2) More major issue: after unblocking the app with touchid, the app jumps correctly into landscape mode for about 1 second, only to then jump into portrait mode and remain there, rendering it hardly usable (text is rotated 90 degrees). The only way to fix it is to take the ipad, turn it 90 degrees to portrait mode and then right back to landscape mode, at which point the app fixes itself to landscape mode.

    Is there a way for me to fix it on my end? If not, could you pls try to fix this bug in the app?

  5. Yet again, upgrade issues with BTS.  :(  The following just happened:

    1) Clicking "Check upgrade" found the upgrade to 2.4 and i started the process

    2) I confirmed that the Resilio will replace BTS

    3) I confirmed that the "app" can make changes in my computer

    4) Then i got "Uninstall failed" message and everything exited

    5) Upon restart of the computer, neither 2.4 nor 2.3 seem to be installed installed :(((

    So - given that this is the "owner" computer, what do I do now in order to avoid having to recreate my identity and resync 2 GB of files across all my devices?

  6. I have one BTS Pro Personal license that I use on my ecosystem of W10, ios devices and Synology.  This way I have a backup of my computer on synology (and the ios devices).  Now I want to back up my second computer to the same Synology, by installing BTS on that computer.  How can I set it up in a way that both computers sync to the Synology while each computer stays "invisible" to the other, ie without using the same identity?  If I install BTS on second computer with same identity, the two computers will "see" each others content.  If I create a new identity on second computer, i understand that the first identity on the Synology will get replaced and only second computer will back up there..  Many thanks in advance for any pointers.