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  1. RomanZ, when do you plan to release any of the more recent builds to auto-update? I have a bad experience with upgrading manually (last time, going to 2.1.1 manually, I had to redo my whole setup from scratch) so getting auto-updates seems like a safer way to get new builds..
  2. But how do i then remove files from the iOS app, esp. since the "folder" entirely disappears from the iOS app after sharing is disconnected on the source computer? In other words, I can have an iOS app that seems like it has no content, yet it can take up GBs of data..
  3. Hello, I just tried to remove some folders from sharing from my primary computer (disconnect, then remove), they disappeared from view on BTS on my iOS devices, yet no storage was released. Is this a bug? In the end, i had to delete whole BTS on iOS deviceds and resync everything. How can this be done less drastically?
  4. Dear BTS team, would it be possible that you start a new sticky thread with 2.0 builds, incl. changelogs, like you have had for 1.4 builds? Alternatively, is there another place to find the changelogs?
  5. Dear BTSync team, it has now been three months since mentioning that the official package for Synology should be available "really soon". While others have used the community package successfully, i have strong preference for using a package provided by you. Should I (and others) continue waiting for it or have you significantly changed your release plans, and we should change our deployment plans accordingly? Many thanks in advance for your update.
  6. Dear BTSync team, it was great to see your official support for ReadyNAS from Netgear. Any expected timeframe for the same on Synology? My computer just got stolen and I restored my data from BTSync on my iPad! I now want to have a second degree of resiliency by reliably backing it up to my Synology DS214. I understand there are unofficial ways to do that, but an officially sanctioned app for Synology would give me even more confidence..