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  1. The logs are not in those dir, i even did a search for those logs are they are not in my system. Yes debugging is on so I have no idea on that one. I know the deletes start on my windows machine cause the notification window pops first on there then it starts to show up on my mac. Here is a screen shot that shows my windows machine removes the files from the folder. As you can see it just removes them all at once. I did think about a virus but like i said its only this folder and only when Sync is running. Very odd please help like i said i really love this app.
  2. No logs are created on either machine and the logging is enabled on both machines. Im sharing a folder form my documents folder on windows machine to a documents folder on my mac machine. Its a libary of cbr files and epub files. At least once a day half files are deleted. I'm starting to think it starts from windows machine cause it was off over night and as soon as it booted up it started to sync and erase all the files. I only open these files i never modify them and dropbox/googleDrive are also running but not on same folders. Everytime i restore the files to the folder they get deleted ag
  3. Well Sync is running on both machines all day. I will be mainly on my Mac when I notice the notification on windows saying sync is complete then it will show up on my mac that sync is complete so i'm gonna guess the files get deleted on windows first. Its no virus cause nowhere else on my machine do files get deleted. Its very odd and looks like nobody else on forums are getting this problem.
  4. I have Sync running on a mac and sync running on a windows 8.1 machine. At least once a day I get random deletes of my files. Around half of my folders and files will be deleted. I will use time machine to restore the files then same thing will happen the next day. Please help really getting aggravated but at same time I love this app.