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  1. Same here. Can't use BitTorrent Sync if it's not able to sync data from my microSD card.
  2. I agree. My DCIM directory is on my SD card and somehow Sync doesn't let me chose directories on the SD card. What's up with that?
  3. Hi, I have just configured my Android smartphone to sync its camera folder with a folder on my PC. I want the photos to get deleted on the Android device once they are deleted/moved from the folder on the PC (I'm using Lightroom to import that directory to my Lightroom library; that process moves the files). It works almost, the only problem is that after deleting files on the PC and then syncing, the files or rather the file information are still visible on the Android device. It seems that the files are somehow altered, as when I try to open the files from the camera folder on my PC (whe