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  1. Ok. I found the issue: "storage_path" cannot be ~/, it has to be some absolute path. At least the linux version gaves me a warning. It would be great if that warning can be added to the mac binary.
  2. When trying to start the bittorrent sync client with --config, to use the API on Mac OS X Mavericks the client just exits immediately. No output is given on stdout, no log is written in /Users/<me>/Library/Application Support/BitTorrent Sync/sync.log nothing. No hints. If I run the same command without --config it runs just fine and properly starts the client (with UI) as expected. I'm using the latest 1.3.109, but for sakes of testing also tried a 1.3.106 I found. See below for relevant details. Help? Thanks in advance! bash-3.2$ pwd /Applications/btsync/BitTorrent