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  1. Why will you not answer the questions set forth by Mr Bolt? Mightbe the core issue is Windows but the fact remains that resilio is the only app that does not behave on my system. This it is fair to assume this issue is two fold. But the easy stance is to just refuse corporation.
  2. That is pretty much what bts already does. Torrent file = bts folder Torrent seeding = bts share Torrent load balancing = bts syncing With pro, a folder could be a release group and you would pick the files you want. As long as more then one peer is synced, it acts as a regular bt network, I would guess.
  3. Hi, Sorry if this question has been asked and answered before, I could not find it. So how do I share a folder with another pc on my home network if the internet is down? I would assume the getsync.com link will not work? Thanks
  4. To the OP : Yes. Why? I have never and still cannot get any btsync system above 1.3x to work. Perriod. Do I like the UI of 1.4x? It's ok. More then 1.3x? Meh. They both have their appeal. Use-case for 1.4x : Uninstall 1.3x. Search and delete all .sync folders, temps and app data (windows). Install 1.4x. Laptop, create some syncs. Disable anything not LAN. Backup machine, copy in the RO keys. Disable anything not LAN. Waiting for something.. anything to happen... Uninstalling 1.4x. For the second time. Next time better work for that will be the last time.
  5. I am experiencing the same issue. After 1.4 I can't get any sync going to my android phone. LAN only. Have not and will not enable any outside systems (dht, tracker). As far as the "internet connection" I do have wifi on, obviously. Will start to test which feature will enable windows/android syncing. Ok, so I disabled LAN encryption and that did it. I had a feeling it was going to be in that ballpark because on the android app there is a section in the settings about "Identity" which I can't edit, set or manage. So as long as that Identity is not LAN encryption does not work which makes perfect sense. So until we know how to set that identity just disable lan encryption. Hm.. Disabling encryption only helped so far. The phone can now see the share but no files are actually ever sync'ed. Man I wish I hadn't updated to 1.4...