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  1. Not really true, the app does not "get notified by the OS", the app is polling the files for changes. The more aggressive it's polling settings, the quicker it will detect changes and start syncing. (and the more CPU and battery it will use) I prefer a slower polling or actually non at all as long as the phone is not connected to the WIFI. Once connected to WIFI it can poll as little as once every 30 min for all i care, my files don't change so often. For the camera backup i would also love to see the usage of "android.hardware.action.NEW_PICTURE" implemented, with a option to overrule the "sync via WIFI only" for the camera backup, so my pics get uploaded instantly even on mobile network (incl option to disable roaming usage) I am however also happy with how it works now, my extended battery lasts 6 days, even with btsync enabled, so i"m good
  2. Hi all, I'm sure this has been discussed before but it is not yet fully clear to me how i would go about the following situation. I use BTsync for a backup solution as well as syncing some user files among our community. - default instance of btsync is running with root permissions, in order to sync email, logs, configuration etc... Now i have another folder that is owned by my ftp-server and that also needs syncing. How can i give btsync access to this folder without changing the ownership or permission settings on the files (777 is NOT a option) I guess i would need to run a second instance of btsync ? how would i go about this (set-by-step) ? additional info: host = linux ubuntu btsync = installed from the unofficial PPA Thanks in advance for your time ! Kamaradski