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  1. I'd like a solution that is open source and supports at least PC and Linux. Mac, Andriod and iOS support would be a bonus. I'm thinking AES Crypt https://www.aescrypt.com/ eventhough it doesn't support folder, only files. This means if a user creates a new file, it won't be encrypted automatically (I think). VeraCrypt http://sourceforge.net/projects/veracrypt/ looks worth installing and playing with as well. What ever solution I pick needs to be as user hands off as possible since the people I'm dealing with are confused when I tell them they can't get email when the power is off. For now, I'm setting up BitTorrent Sync on the users computer and adding the folders I want backed up and telling them all their files are being "backed up" live. "Like Carbonite without the $1000/yr pricetag"
  2. This is correct. I'd like to sync already encrypted files. Here's the plan Computer A has the encrypted files and a private key. The user can decrupt the files and modify them. Computer B has the encrypted files but NO KEY. No one on this computer can see the contents of the files. Computer C has the encrypted files and a private key. The user can decrupt the files and modify them. The goal is to maintain security of files across the sync with only the users with keys to see the files. The only way to anser this may be just to test several variations, but the question comes as to whether Computer A will decript the files before transfering them. I did some research and it looks like several factors determine if a file is decrypted before it is copied to another source. Some programs will retain the encryption state and others will decrypt the file on the fly as it is copied. Ultimatly, the type of encryption and system type may be the determining factor, and not Bittorrent Sync. Any feedback from someone doing this woule be helpful.
  3. If files are encrypted on my computer and are synced to another device, with those files remain encrypted and unreadable without the key on the other device? I'm thinking that my computer will un-encrypt them in order to send them to the other pc. My goal is to simply use the other device as a intermediary backup for accounting files, but not allow access to them by anyone other than on the accountants computer and their laptop, which is also part of the sync.
  4. This was my fear That the .sync folder was created by the app rather than some file attribute propigating to the other shares. Well I guess this ends up being a feature request. BitTorrent needs to be able to mark folders and files with attributes that the software then passes along with the sync data to all the shares.
  5. Summary: I want to create folders for syncing that are are hidden in Linux (.example) and hidden in Windows (.example with the -h attrib) What is Bit Torrent doing to that initial .sync directory to make it hidden to all windows clients? Details: Linux Ubuntu 14.04 to/from Windows 7 and windows 8.1 The default .sync folder created when you set up BitTorrent Sync on a linux system propegates to all the sync'd systems. It must be possible to create a hidden directory and then pass along the hidden attribute from linux to MS and back. I am creating the Bittorrent share on a Ubuntu 14.04 server and them sharing them with windows users. This allows me to create a backup repository for all their user files that they want to sync back onto the linux server . I would also like to create a hidden folder on their machine so that I can add a dynamic link to some of their windows files, like their monster outlook email files, but I don't want that directory to be visible to them. The last thing I need them to do is delete their own dynamically linked directories. I can manually hide the directory on each windows machine, but that creates two problems. If they add another computer to their sync, like their home pc, they can see the hidden directory on that PC now, since the -h attribute is not passed along, Second it sure would be nice to do all the user set ups and directorys from the server rathter than having to hide directories on every machine manually. I have tried the getfattr and setfattr commands with no success. Maybe it's a syntax issue. How can I create another hidden directory, like the .sync directory, on the linux server that will stay hidden to windows sync users?