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  1. Figured it out. Had an old version of Sync running. As mentioned, had it running for a long time and since it worked perfectly, I never upgraded it. Installed the latest version and it took the license file easy-peasy. Also, followed the instructions to upgrade the app on my Netgear NAS and it all went well except for one step. The instructions said to unlink my NAS using the gear icon in the Sync app (launched via the NAS app tab). This did not work. So I just shut off the app directly on my NAS, clicked the Remove link on the NAS app tab and all went well from there. Once the NAS was upgraded I followed their directions and the new NAS app took the license perfectly. So make sure you're on the latest version on each device that's giving you trouble.
  2. And BTW, I get the same error on the license I purchased 15 minutes ago and am trying to install on computer number 1. And BTW, I bought this because I've been using the free version for many years and I love it and it does everything I need. But I wanted to help the company that owns this fabulous piece of software. So I pay for the family pack and the license just gives me an error and now I'm hearing they don't respond to requests for support. I foresee a request for a refund coming...
  3. @GreatMarko: It seems to me that all cloud services act like local folders. So why does Microsoft have a separate area in MS-Office Backstage for cloud services? I would like it 'cuz it would be cleaner and look cool. I read the instructions for setting this up. It doesn't look that difficult to me but I'm not good enought to competently modify the registry. Here's the instructions (this is an MS page that has a link to download a Word Doc that expalains how to do it): Although you may think this is a non-issue, over 90 people have viewed this topic. IMHO that's pretty good interest. Thanks. MrBiker
  4. I'd like to see an install script to integrate BT Sync drives as a cloud in MS-Office. It's been done for DropBox and Google Drive as seen here: Looks easy for the right person, and that's not me! Thanks. MB
  5. Joy in Muddville! Hi all, I have a ReadyNAS RN104 which so far I really like. It replaced a DLink DNS-343 which I got so fed up with, I bought the ReadyNAS. I have a nice cross-platform network at home (half a dozen computers running either Mac OS X 10.8 or Win 7 Pro) and use the RN104 for Home Theater, 250Gb of photo storage (I'm a semi-pro) and audio editing projects. Anyway, I didn't even know about Bittorent Sync until someone in a Mac forum suggested it. I don't pay for DropBox and have 15Gb of storage which as you can guess, is not enough. Also, I don't like DB's handling of files (someone in my workgroup quit acmicably and to leave their computer clean, deleted their DB files. As you know - and I didn't - that deleted all our DB project files. We got them back from a Time-Machine backup). So BT Sync sounded like a great idea. I dl'ed the NAS version and had it running in 10 minutes (I never used it before so that's how long it took to figure it out). I dl'ed and installed the OS X version in 3 minutes. I synced my Mac to the the NAS and it worked perfectly. I just tried to install the Windows 7 version and of course, it too almost an hour until I read the part about it requires IE9. Once I downloaded, installed and restarted, everything worked. So all this is to say, THIS IS GREAT STUFF!!! This is praise, not a complaint, bug report, support call, etc. The BTS NAS sw works flawlessly and I like it so much more than DB you can't imagine. GREAT JOB and if someone is reading this to get an answer, the answer is this: The NAS software is FANTASTIC! Of course, I didn't migrate from 1.3 so I don't face the situation a lot of people here are complaining about - it looks different. I'd say "get used to it," it will pay dividends. Thanks for this great software, folks!