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  1. Though from the trend of these posts I'm definitely in the minority as I'm using 1.4.93, I will echo the majority of the rest. This new version is much more heavy with a crappy interface (Metro) which is exactly the reason why most IT's wont touch windows 8 to begin with. So as its only necessary for me to keep a single 2TB drive in sync with 6 other servers most on networks using meraki hardware so i can enable dedicated scedualing so this just stays in the background. I don't have to deal with it as much but i will say the ONLY reason I did upgrade was due to the actual tracking of folder structures upon changes otherwise im of the school of dont fix what isnt broken when it comes to betas. Meaning I don't upgrade from a highly stable release unless there's a necessary feature or its been proven first. With that said I do feel the devs are trying to implement our suggestions in the program itself with new features. And just to those users throwing out owncloud you may want to further read here as some of us use ubuntu and updates can be tricky at best let alone with crap like this rolling around though it was easy enough to fix I'm using both for ownclouds other capabilities and as far as file transfer goes especially with slow connections sync utilizing the BT P2P protocol is superior. Just saying....
  2. I understand that sync places a unique id into each folder to understand if a file has changed and if its over 4MB it will just redownload that 4MB chunk thats changed but what about folders....say I have a 507GB library of movies that me and my colleague have obtained over the years. Half are his, and half are mine and the idea was that we could act as an off site backup for each other as well as being able to share our media through Plex Media Server so we could still watch our movies in case one of our "servers" goes down for some reason. We performed a data hand off as transferring that much data over residential internet would take about a month.We then begin to realize we needed to clean our naming and folder structure up as well as place some files into folders or combine some folders under one folder (Blade, Resident Evil and such). Our concern was would Sync not understand these changes and redownload the entire file and folder again or could it understand that on computer A within drive D:/Movies filename elektra.avi and were moved into folder D:/Movies/Elektra and that D:/Movies/Xmen/The Wolverine was moved out of D:/Movies/Xmen and into D:/Movies again without having to redownload the entire 3.9GB again on computer B or in other words not moving D:/Movies/Xmen/The Wolverine to the D:/Movies/.sync/Archive Folder then redownloading D:/Movies/The Wolverine when the data already exists.