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  1. RomanZ, To clarify, I am not receiving any errors from excel in 1.4.103. I was having excel errors in BTsync versions prior to 1.4.103. It appears the errors that I am receiving in 1.4.103, are from the BTsync GUI (see screenshot in previous post). After following suggestion from colinabroad, it appears to be an issue in the GUI only, as I can confirm files are correctly syncing for me the last few days. I can also confirm that a simple close/reopen of the GUI clears the error, and I do not have to actually close the BTsync application.
  2. colinaboad, I was restarting Sync application. However, I just tested what you are describing by closing and reopening the UI, and it did clear out the locked file error (and in the case of my screen shot above, was displaying "out of sync" also) without the need to close the actual application. It appears it could be a small issue with the GUI. I am going to do more testing today to take a closer look at what is actually happening to the files during the sync, and will provide feedback.
  3. Yes, the issue is present in 1.4.103. Here is a screen shot I took using 1.4.103 while simply opening an .xlsx file and adding info in a cell and save/close. The locked file error appear as soon as i open the .xlsx file. I have to restart Sync to make the locked file error go away.
  4. RomanZ, I signed up for the forum just to post this. I am experiencing the same "locked file" issue across several users/installs. I would be glad to lend a hand in helping provide information to resolve this. This issue has halted the ability to edit office documents contained in a sync'ed folder without receiving "1 locked file" error in BTsync and have resulted in incorrect syncs. I am experiencing this issue while editing office documents (.docx and .xlsx files) but no issue with image editing programs such as or MS Paint (just examples). If the .docx or .xlsx file is edited/saved outside of the sync'ed folder, it can be moved into the sync'ed folder with no issue, however, it cant be directly edited inside of sync'ed folder without receiving "locked file" error. (just opinion) Given how MS handles .docx and .xlsx file saving (temp file/delete/rename), it would seem to me that a 10 second or so delay (could be an configurable advanced option) would help with the issue. Please let me know what information i could provide that would be useful for you. I can provide process mon logs also, unless you have all you need from lupus.