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  1. When dealing with many folders, things get quickly confusing. In my case I even have folders with the same name (but in different sub directories). So the "Name" column gives no indication which folder it is, therefore I usually display the "Path" column (which in turn contains too much information - the complete path). What I would propose: make it possible to enter a "Display Name" for each folder, and make this accessible as column in the UI. In this case it also would make sense to be able to hide the "Name" column, which is not possible now. And to make life even simpler: also add a "
  2. I don't know actually ... it only happened now and then (prior the fix). Since the fix I did not observe this problem yet (but the corruption problem is not necessarily related to the sharing violation problem)
  3. I would not confirm that. It happened several times before for me, that an Excel sheet got corrupted. I usually recovered then the last working version from the sync archive folder (or other backups). Since I never found a way to reproduce this, it's hard to provide any log files. But fact is, that I experienced this more than once.
  4. I have no Antivirus installed (except MS default Security Essentials / Defender on Win 8), and I have this problem, so it is obviously not related to Symantec or Kaspersky. However, virus protection may slow down everything, and thus makes it more likely to get into timing problems. But then again: why does normal virus protection software not interfere with Office? Isn't there the same problem that virus protection needs to open the files after they have been written? Why can BTSync not use a delay? This would prevent the application from syncing temporay files also (which I often see i
  5. @Hopkins: I assume the main difference is/was, that in the 1.3 version there was a (10s) delay between file change and syncing. But as RomanZ already stated, this delay caused other issues. In theory I think it is correct to work without delay. Of course the goal should be to get files synced to other peers as fast as possible. I'm also not sure in what way Office (or other applications) is responsible for the problem. With Office for example I have this problem only when writing the old .DOC format, but not when using the newer .DOCX format. My theory is: BTSync needs to exclusively loc
  6. I propose the delay should be re-introduced with the next release (which still only is a work-around) until a solution for the problem is found. Because without delay I have regularly problems (need to exit BTSync and restart after saving).
  7. How is this solved with other sync tools (Dropbox, owncloud, Seafile)? ... I never encountered similar problems with other tools. While I understand that it is a logical challenge (I don't see a solution that would work in any situation), there must be some practical solution obviously. The delay is maybe one, but actually more or less a workaround than a solution. Maybe delays dependent on file type? ;-))) a DelayedSyncList ... because it general it's good that syncing takes place as fast as possible.
  8. I'm not sure if it also is related: as far as I remember, in ealier version there were a few seconds delay before file got synced to remote peers (e.g. 10 seconds). So if the saving lasted less than 10 seconds, there was probably no problem before. Now that syncing seems to start immediately, syncing and saving interfere with each other. So may introduce just an option to set a delay ...
  9. Maybe I can add some more strange issue, that may be related to the same root cause. I have an Excel File that is edited quite often. It happens now and then, that the file gets corrupted after editing/saving. The corrupted file then gets synced to the other nodes. Fortunately there is a copy of the last valid file in the Archive folder. But it also seems to be related to problems while saving ...
  10. Would node-webkit be an option to distribute apps?
  11. By the way, the problem has been identified and fixed by a BTSync developer already ... should be in the next release probably.
  12. I have the logs ready to send. My observation so far: the sharing violation seems to come from Winwords temporary file ~WRD0000.tmp, and this even although ~*.tmp is part of my IgnoreList. By the way, it was harder to reproduce this with Process Monitor running, so it seems to be a timing problem, maybe there is a short time window where Winword does not hold a lock on the file, so that BTSync can get it, and then Winword is no longer able to complete the write process ...
  13. Not 100% of the time but with certain files quite often, with others not at all (very strange therefore). Although I made a new observation: I'm using Office/Word 2013 64-bit. Usually files are saved as .docx, but these do not seem to make problems. I have problems with older .doc files (Word 97-2003). So either when editing and old file, or when creating a new Word file and trying to save as Word 97-2003 document. Hopefully this observation leads in the right direction ... PS: by the way the file is/was in a sub-folder of the synced folder
  14. I tried one step further (using Microsofts Process Explorer): BTSync running (sharing e.g. C:\Share)open Word file C:\Share\test.docxmodifying Word filesaving => failsClosing file/folder handle to C:\Share of BTSync using Process Explorer (requires admin privileges)saving => works So it is obviously a problem of how BTSync obtains the handle to the shared folder ...
  15. I use Office 2013. I also added ~*.tmp to the IgnoreList to exclude the temporary files of office from being synced. I monitored the issue now with Microsofts Process Explorer (which can show, which process has handles to which files/folders). And this just confirms, that it is BTSync somehow: I open a file in Word, edit it, and try to safe, and get a permission error. At this time BTSync has a handle to the folder (but not to any file). As soon as I close BTSync, saving works, and the handle (of course) is gone. Anyway: it it very obvious that BTSync is preventing Office from saving the