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  1. When dealing with many folders, things get quickly confusing. In my case I even have folders with the same name (but in different sub directories). So the "Name" column gives no indication which folder it is, therefore I usually display the "Path" column (which in turn contains too much information - the complete path). What I would propose: make it possible to enter a "Display Name" for each folder, and make this accessible as column in the UI. In this case it also would make sense to be able to hide the "Name" column, which is not possible now. And to make life even simpler: also add a "Category" property for folders, which could be used to group folders together (e.g. as collapisble nodes). E.g. suppose I have the following folders on disk: C:\Alice\DocumentsC:\Bob\Documents (top secret)C:\Charly\DocumentsC:\Alice\MusicC:\Bob\MusicC:\Charly\Music downloaded I then could e.g. use the folder type as category and the name a combination of both as display name: + Documents - Alice - Bob (secret) - Charly + Music - Alice - Bob - Charly
  2. Same migration path: BTSync 1.4 - tried the switch to Syncthing - then back to BTSync 1.4 (knowing that is not the ideal solution, because of usability & bugs) - now using 2.2 (and happy!) ~ 15 folders, 4 desktop peers, 4 mobile peersBTSync 1.4 was unreliable, especially with Office filesSyncthing was unreliable with completing some bigger foldersand Syncthing was a horror in setting up, since each node had to approve the other nodes, for each folder (with constant restarts necessary) ... 8 peers, 15 folders ...Syncthing was also missing the simplicity: what I like(d) with BTSync: just knowing the right key gives me access to the data (so if I am at some distant location and need access, just install BTSync, enter key, and ready - that's not possible with Syncthing)so switched back to BTSync 1.4 and learned to live with the bugsAeroFS was another option that I was thinking of, but never set it up, because some management part requires to run as appliance/VMnow switched to BTSync 2.2 and I'm happy again!Now everything is working as expected for me, and the 10 folder limit is gone ...
  3. I can confirm this ... the 2.2 UI is much more responsive than the 1.4 version
  4. Chapeau! This was definitely the right move. As many others I liked the simplicity of sharing content only by knowing the secret. I also was trying out Syncthing, but it was cumbersome since it was necessary to mutually grant access between all nodes, and also not reliable when syncing. I have been using BTSync 1.4.111 since (which also had several bugs), which was still the best solution to sync between 4 computers and 3 mobile devices (and >10 folders - not every folder should be visible on every device). THANK YOU!