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  1. I think the problem is that btsync is acting as a relais as soon as you use a tracker. And without tracker, only predefined hosts, btsync does not work reliable.I'm on the way to switch my sync to unison.
  2. Is there some option so my peer never becomes a relay? Or is the only way to disable portforwarding on the router?
  3. I always disable "Search DHT network". The only options I use are "Use tracker" and "use predefined hosts". I also want to avoid "use tracker", but then it becomes unreliable. Sometimes it works without tracker, but sometimes it does not detect clients that are predefined hosts. That's strange. What are these "relay servers"? Can every node become a relay server? How can I control whether my node becomes a relay server?
  4. Today I saw on my router that btsync had 225 udp connections and was causing lots of traffic. All my pc were in sync, so I'm wondering what is causing this enormous traffic. Could it be that my clients are misused as relaying servers for other clients?
  5. My btsync is constantly causing low traffic, even if all files are in sync. What is it doing? Is it constantly pinging other peers? This is draining my laptop battery. How can I avoid this?
  6. Not for 32 bit applications:
  7. I have the following situation: My music is stored on a NAS (WD MyCloud) and distributed to all my pc through bittorrent sync. All pc are running Linux. A Raspberry PI is running btsync and has the NAS mounted through Samba. At a certain stage, when ripping music, it happens that I have 3 different folders which leead to the same folder in case insensitive windows naming. Example: "Cirque du soleil", "Cirque du Soleil" and "Cirque Du Soleil". After ripping I will move the album subfolders to the right main folder and delete the other 2. What happens to the Samba mounted NAS on the Pi? Can btsync handle this situation?
  8. Since I only have Linux machines, no Windows, that could not be the cause in my case. I had that happen several times, and it always were small files with size < 512 byte. And one time I had a new file that did not trigger a sync, even after a long time (the docu says that every 10 minutes a sync is initiated even when ther was no inotify event). The unreliability of btsync is so frustrating that I switched to Owncloud sync. So I cannot further investigate on this topic.
  9. I meant, delete this one post, it was a duplicate. Not delete the whole thread. There is no solution yet.
  10. I got it working again. I searched for a file of that size, that was modified in the last 7 days, and I found one. jochen@MacBook:/Daten/BTsync$ find . -type f -size -500c -mtime -7./Adressen/Radlmeier_Hausverwaltung.vcf./.SyncIDjochen@MacBook:/Daten/BTsync$ ls -l ./Adressen/Radlmeier_Hausverwaltung.vcf-rw-rw-r-- 1 jochen jochen 350 Okt 29 06:35 ./Adressen/Radlmeier_Hausverwaltung.vcf I removed that file and the sync of this folder completed. There is nothing special with that file. A normal text file, no special characters in it's name.
  11. I'm having exactly the same problem. Two of my clients want to upload 350B to my server and never finish. I removed that folder from both, server and client, added it again, but problem remains. There are no .!Sync files on both ends.
  12. This is a known issue.
  13. I'm running bittorrent sync on a vps with Ubuntu Lucid and on my notebook with Ubuntu Precise. One of my sync folders got stuck in a sync operation. The gui shows that it is uploading 350 byte to my server, but this never finishes. I moved a new file to this folder, the file was uploaded immediately, and thereafter it still show the 350 byte uploading. A reboot does not change this. How can I reset this sync operation? Screenshot is attached.