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  1. Quist, what version of BTSync are you trying to use? Over the past couple of hours I've tried running multiple versions of BTSync as service using NSSM, the newest one I could get to work was 1.4.111. It's the newest beta version I could find. None of the 2.X versions I tried worked.
  2. I'm having the same problem you are. I know it used to work in beta, the beta version I was using installed to program files instead of to each user.
  3. love2scoot, I used your method(except for the WebUI part) to sync files from multiple user accounts on multiple computers across my local network with a beta version of BTSync( I think it was 1.4X). I have recently updated my computers to Windows 10 and when doing so I decided to upgrade to the latest version of BTSync (2.1.1). However, I can not get it to run as a service. It only runs when user is logged in and BTSync is running on the desktop. Do you (or any one reading this) have any advice for getting it to run while user not logged in? Maybe run as scheduled task? Use an older version of BTSync? Another program that will do what I want?
  4. I tried to create a BTSync service however it will not start up; manually or automatically. I have turned on automatic start up for the service and turned off automatic start up in the GUI. To create the service typed this into an Administrator CMD: sc create "BTSync" binpath= "C:\Program Files (x86)\Bit Torrent Sync\BTSync.exe" Have any suggestions?
  5. I have a laptop and a desktop computer, which has six user profiles. I have Sync set up on both of them and it syncs just fine as long as I am logged in on both computers and on my home network( I have not yet tried it outside of my network). However, if I am only logged into my laptop and I am not logged into the desktop or another user is logged in on the desktop, it well not sync. Is there a way to set Sync up so that I only have to be logged on to one computer for it to Sync?