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  1. When I saw the pricing model I laughed and thought, someone's misunderstood what needs to be communicated and put up on the site. Then when I saw that it wasn't a joke I LOL'd hard. The pricing model is quite frankly ridiculous. I'm not paying the current prices so I can do some extended file sharing. And not many people will either. Your corporate reputation is screwed because of your bitcoin mining screw up and this is your pricing? Your marketing department should be fired now. They will later when you see how pitiful your sales are. Your USP is very small in a crowded established market
  2. Isn't this functionality already implemented in Just tested renaming and I can change the name of my Nexus 7 within the application using settings in the My Device pane. The name appears to propagate to other machines running BTSync v2 immediately. Cheers Ray