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  1. Sounds good! Thanks for the help, and I am always willing to assist / provide feedback. Drop a PM though as now that my issue is resolved, I probably wont be returning to this thread often. PM will go directly to my email.
  2. @RomanZ Above screenshot is using experimental build and is transferring a ~1GB file over BT Sync, at a solid 15mbps Which is awesome! Below screenshot is also using experimental build and is transferring series of smaller files (about 50MB each) From the looks of it, it is reaching about 10-12mbps and the file is completing, in which it dips down, and quickly jumps back up to the next file, not constant, but still not a problem as it seems to only dip down when moving on to the next file, just thought i'd share. either way I am very happy, it seems the TCP transfer is a lot better.
  3. Yeah, thanks! I would be willing to test that and compare results from stable to experimental builds. I am off work today and tomorrow, so if you get back to me I will probably give that a go this weekend.
  4. Cannot edit my past post. Wanted to update that I am still using BT Sync and I have not had time to do any troubleshooting. I noticed it is getting as high as 3.6 or 3.7 before dipping down, but the results are still the same.
  5. Hello yes you are correct, not missing anything. I could get results from other software like FileZilla or CuteFTP, but just wanted to show its only BT Sync that does the saw-shaped speed traffic. I asked my seedbox if they know why, they didn't but they suggested to try rsync (they were also the one to suggest me trying BT Sync in the first place) haven't tried yet though as I haven't had much time and was hoping this would fix it's self or I would get a response.
  6. Hello All, I seem to be having same/similar problem, and reading through here can't really seem to find anything to help my situation. When I download off rutorrent (seedbox) via chrome, I can usually get ~14MB/s. But with BT Sync, the max I get is 3.3, after it hits 3.3, it drops back down to ~.5 and then increases back to 3.3 rinse and repeat until download is complete. What could be going on that causes this to happen only in BT Sync? I am downloading a single 3.5GB file. Have also tested with multiple 50MB files. Note that I am using 1.4.106 Beta All below data is shown from the single 3.5GB file, can record data from multiple 50MB if requested, but I believe it will be identical. BT Sync: Chrome: Edit: Multiple edits to add graphics, modify text. Edit2: I did some further testing, I wanted to see if i limited send data on server to 3000kbs if it would stay there instead of crashing, except when I did that, it wouldn't even get past 1.3mbps before dipping back down , I turn off limit, and back to 3.3 before dipping back down. I decided to set a receive limit on my PC of 3000kbs, that worked except after getting to 3, it crashes back down to >1. So no matter what, cannot hold a consistent download, nor a max speed download. Edit 3: added speed test of home connection and speed test of seedbox using home connection