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  1. I re-added the read only key to the machine that has lost connection. It did indeed start to transfer data. The first drive I am synching is 550 GB which is more than my monthly allowed amount on my current internet plan. Really disappointed with this at the moment. I have lost my synch and there is no easy way to get it back.
  2. Sorry for the long delay in replying, I have been away on vacation. Yes these synch folders are read only. I was under the impression that if I just re-add the read sych key it would erase the destination folder and resych from stratch. What other alternatives have you found so far?
  3. Today I got a message on my remote computer asking if I wanted to upgrade to version 1.4.111 I thought I already had that version installed on all the computers I have synching. Stupidly I thought to myself that perhaps that one machine was a slightly lower version so I clicked Upgrade. Well the upgrader installed version 2 on the machine. I googled for instructions on how to downgrade and came across the following article. I followed the instructions but when I restarted Bittorrent Sync it said there were no folders and it was prompting me to add a folder. At that point I tried to restore the /library/Application support/Bittorrent sync folder using time machine referencing yesterday's folder. It has not worked. Does anyone have any clue how I can get my sync back. I have about 7 TB synched across the internet and honestly it would cost me a fortune and take months to resynch all that data. At this point I have not lost any data, the sync is merely out of sync. Any help would be great. thanks
  4. I restored the BitTorrent from Time Machine then restarted the computer. Looks like everything is working fine now. Downgrade tentatively successful.
  5. I have a machine that I have to keep Snow Leopard on so that I can have access to videos created with Final Cut Express. I also use this machine as a backup for aprox 4 TB of photos using Bittorrent Sync. Without checking version requirements I upgraded Bittorrent Sync on the Snow Leopard machine to the latest version and I now realize that it will not work. Is it possible to reinstall version 1.4.111 and have all my synch settings maintained? It would literally take months to resynch all that data. I don't want to try doing this till I hear back from the group. thanks very much Keir
  6. Is there a way for me to instal the previous version and still maintain all my synch settings? I have many TB worth of data synching between Baltimore and Chicago and I really don't want to have to wait months for my data to be resynched. Thanks!
  7. I am synching between three computers. Two run Yosemite and one is running Snow Leopard, and can not be updated due to software I that will only run as high as Snow Leopard. I updated Bittorrent Synch on the Snow Leopard machine. Now Bittorrent will not run on that machine. It looks like it is opening, but it does not launch a window, and it does not show up in Activity monitor. What can I do? Thanks!
  8. Helen. Thanks for the tip on 'Overwrite any changed files' option. Although I dont know how the files would have been changed on the backup machine. It is a headless mac that is only used for backups and that is it. But setting that flag seems to have taken care of the Out of Synch message. I will continue to work on the locked files issue over the next while and get back to you with any log files that may help with the troubleshooting. I am just starting a round the US road trip so I will work on this as time permits. Thanks so much for your help Hellen. I am really hopeful that this software will be my solution once I get these little things worked out.
  9. So when I run What's Keeping Me it says that Bittorrent Sync is the program that is locking the file. I also have two other folders I am syncing in one direction that show up as Out Of Synch on the main machine, yet have a green circle on the backup machine. Should I be using a different version of this software? Is there an official channel I can go to in order to get help on this? So far this software does not seem to be doing a very good job synching and I am using it on a local network. Any help would be great Thanks!
  10. Thank you. I will try What's Keeping Me as soon as I get a chance.
  11. Hi Helen. Sorry I should have mentioned in my post above, but I am using a Mac.
  12. I am a new user with Bittorrent Sync. I have only played with it for a few days now. So far I am synching the usb drive on my laptop with my main computer. At this time I have only done the synch on my local network. I noticed today that my laptop is telling me I have 4 locked files. Through searches I see that the app has no way to tell me which files are locked. I did google searches to figure out how to use terminal to unlock all files and have had no success. The app is still saying that 4 files are locked. My main computer does not seem to notice anything is locked. It just has a green circle. Is there a good resource I can use to find the locked files and unlock them? Thanks very much