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  1. Actually the sync not delete a photos in destination server (not a real sync) its only a copy/paste.
  2. The actual repository need the 2.0 version, and create a new repository for 1.4 It's mi opinion.
  3. 1.- In iOS 8 the "background update" not use (in list of application btsync not appears), i think the app don't use this feature. 2.- The camera roll backup only copy photos and videos from iOS to another device, if delete videos and photos from my camera roll, not delete from device of backup, result is many trash photos deleted from iOS in the backup device. The point 1 it's very important (caroussel from dropbox works with iOS 8 background)
  4. Linux arm version? I download a btsync arm version and replace btsync-core with btsync and not works, and not start service. p.d: raspberry and raspbmc
  5. I have no old version. no solution? for when we release 2.0 for raspberry?
  6. Hi, I just installed the version 1.4 in raspbmc and when trying to configure the backup of photos ios (iphone) tells me it takes 2.0. It is scheduled to go to raspberry version 2.0? Thank You.