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  1. Okay I unlinke my backup server but because of that I'm no longer "pro" on this device... I hope the team will do something...
  2. Thanks for your feedback kramttocs. But I subscribed to version pro, so I'm already used to use this feature. But if unlink a device is the only solution and bittorrent don't want to change/add the feature, I will do it...
  3. Hi again, It would be great to have possibility to connect btsync to an object storage like openstack or amazon s3 (for exemple owncloud allows it), this would further secure the data for exemple (one node will always have access to data online & secure) Thanks
  4. Hi, Since I switched to version 2.0, I use the feature "My devices" in order to sync easily my folders. But with this feature I can't configure the access mode (readonly or read&write) so since this version I cannot use it to backup folder because if I modify or delete a file on my backup server, it will do the change on the other device. Did you plan to add more sharing options on "my devices" ? Or maybe define a device as a "backup device" so a change on this device will not propagate it on others. It would be great. I suppose that if I want to use this kind of backup feature at this