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  1. Thanks, that's good to know. If this turns out to be correct (that I need to use btsync-gui), is that the only package that I install? In other words do I only install one package, btsync-gui? Thanks for taking the time.
  2. Hi there, I'm a complete noob to Linux. What I mean by this is that, until this morning, I had really never touched it at all. As you can imagine, trying to understand the language that people familiar with Linux use, is a little difficult. I have managed to install Ubuntu 14.04 LTS on a box I have around. After that the first thing that I want is BitTorrent Sync 2.0.x. I'm using the PPA (is that the right thing to say) at ppa:tuxpoldo/btsync through Synaptic Package Manager. and updated the system to reflect these changes. I then used Synaptic to install: btsync-core 2.0.85-1 and btsync 2.0.0-2 This allows me to see the BTSync webui and to lock that onto the 'app bar' to the far left of the Ubuntu desktop (I think that this is called Unity, but that might be wrong). What I want to know is, is this the correct way to do it? Did I miss something out? I don't appear to have a taskbar BTSync icon which I think is something that your package provides. As this is the ONLY thing that I'm going to be having running on this system I might as well get it all set up right! Thanks for taking the time to create this port of the BTSync software, and I hope that you are able to cope with the basic level of this question!!!