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  1. I realise this is an older topic, but I am having the same issue. Fairly sure I can resolve it, but not sure what to look for in the log? I've removed & re-added the folder in question, same issue came up again, but stuck with the logs. Any suggestions, is there a particular error to look for? "can't download file' without any further details is frustratingly hard to troubleshoot! Thanks
  2. We know that an improper shutdown causes the identity to be lost - but sometimes improper shutdown is unavoidable, if the system freezes or occasionally during an update. The main issue is that we cannot back up our identities somehow. Why should the backup identity and everything else also be corrupted? Including versions in time machine that were saved a week prior to the improper shutdown? We know how to shut down properly - it’s just sometimes isn’t possible. That shouldn’t mean we have to restart our identities from scratch.
  3. Yes there is clearly a step missing. I can use time machine to restore the entire application folder to 3 days before the identity was lost, to no avail. There ha to be something else. Strangely, when I re-add the folders to sync with the new identity, it recognises that it was previously owned by another instance. Not sure if that is useful information?
  4. Hi helen yes sync.dat and sync.dat.old are backed up, they are the ones I’ve tried restoring to no avail. Upon being prompted for a new identity, ive quit sync, then restored, then restarted sync. I’ve tried numerous times - first just restoring sync.dat, also trying with sync.dat.old, restoring both, and restoring the entire sync folder from the <user>/ application settings, to no avail. How and what exactly should I restore to make this work?
  5. I use sync across 3 macs on a local network. And I have lost count of the number of times this has happened to me - driving me crazy. I have 15TB+ of data synced, and every time I have to re-sync you're killing my hard drives. I have my machines set on a schedule to reboot / install updates periodically. I believe this is when it must happen - fairly unacceptable that Sync can't just fall back to the last saved version of the identity when this happens, rather than prompt for a new one. When I've poked around in application files - resilio sync etc there do seem to be backups that Sync is creating - what is the point of these if not to prevent this kind of crap happening? I also have each computer backed up with Time Machine. I've tried restoring the Sync files in Application Support, to no avail. Oddly, when I go ahead and create the new identity, it seems to remember my preferences (schedule, rate limits etc), just not my identity / folder indexing. If Sync isn't able to fall back to the last saved version, help me out - how do I do it via time machine? Is there no way to back up sync??? Very simple - what file / folder do I need to restore to get my old identity back and not have to re-index everything?
  6. Does anybody have any clues or suggestions that might help?
  7. Hi there Running Resilio on OSX Today after rebooting, it's asking me to create a new identity, despite the fact that sync has been - running on this machine for well over a year - before I rebooted, sync had been completed for several minutes - even if it wasn't complete, I should be able to reboot without losing all my settings? This is about the third time this has happened on one machine or another over the past few months. I have over 12TB of data synced, and it takes forever to get caught up again. Can anybody -tell me how to recover my previous identity so I don't have to re-index etc - tell me why this is happening so it doesn't happen again!?!? Incredibly frustrating.
  8. I must be having a different problem then... I usually have wifi disabled on these macs as they're permanently hooked up to ethernet. The only reason I've ever re-enabled wi-fi is to temporarily overcome the issue of sync thinking other computers are offline! These macs are used primarily as media centres, hooked up to TVs. Prefer not to interact via keyboard / mouse at all, we used to just leave them on & use the remote for day-to-day functions. But now I've got to log into them all at least once a day to get sync working again. It's driving me mad, it used to just work!!! Thanks for your suggestion anyway though :-)
  9. Hi Helen No - the pre-defined hosts option is unchecked on all devices. Any other suggestions? thanks!
  10. Hi there I have actually got UPnP already enabled on the router - several devices already use this and it's working fine. I have had Sync with UPnP both checked and unchecked, it doesn't make any difference. If I go to any of the computers and switch from wifi to ethernet or vice-versa, it can suddenly see all the others online, and if I switch back again it keeps working OK too. It's strange - today, one of the instances of Sync says 1 of 2 peers online, the other says 0 of 2 - so computer A is seeing computer B, but computer B thinks that computer A is offline?
  11. Hi there I've been having a persistent issue with 3 macs seeing each other on a local network. Periodically, they all reset / are switched off / sleep etc, and when they're back on, it's hit or miss as to whether they think the others are online. I frequently have the problem of all 3 being online (in the sense that they can reach the internet, ping one another on LAN etc), but in the ResilioSync interface, the PEERS status for each folder is "0 of 0". This is the same on each computer, despite the fact that when sitting in front of each one individually, they are all online (outside of ResilioSync, anyway). I saw another (since closed) post that seemed similar, that says the issue had something to do with UPnP, but the details of the resolution were in a support ticket - so I'm unable to try any solutions that may have been presented... any suggestions? ALL running OSX 10.11.6 and Resilio 2.4.1 Thanks!
  12. I've been having a similar issue lately - 3 computers on a LAN, all set to only sync over LAN. Periodically, it was as though BTSync couldn't see that the others were online, even when they were. Would come and go. Finally with a bit of poking around, I discovered the issue. Under Options>Preferences>Advanced>Power User Preferences, folder_defaults.use_relay and folder_defaults.use_tracker had both been set to false. I don't recall doing this, but that doesn't mean I didn't - have a tendency to tinker sometimes :-) Anyway, I probably thought that was a global way to force BTsync to only use the LAN. resetting them both back to default (true) seems to have cleared up the problem - just a matter of going through and ensuring that LAN only is setup for each folder individually. Hopefully this helps somebody else!
  13. Hi there I want a fairly simple set up, just FolderA on machine1 synced to FolderA on machine2. The thing is, these two folders already have matching content. How to I install & set up without sync trying to re-create / overwrite all the existing data? That seemed to happen when I linked up the second machine so I've stopped & uninstalled for now - would love some advice before I re-attempt. There are 900-odd GB in each folder, and really don't want to wait for it to "re-sync!" Thanks!