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  1. Here's what I did for apache2: - First I enabled the needed apache2 mods sudo a2enmod proxy_html sudo a2enmod xml2enc - Next I put this in the file /etc/apache2/sites-available/default-ssl.conf (Replace [PORT] with the btsync port) ProxyPass /btsync[PORT] ProxyPassReverse /btsync[PORT] ProxyHTMLInterp On[PORT] /btsync Redirect permanent /gui /btsync/gui Working for me on apache2 now
  2. +1 Yes indeed, please add this feature. Same boat as everyone else, limited space on server. Would like to delete files on server and not have files deleted elsewhere.
  3. +1 for a scheduler in btsync. I have an internet plan that gives unlimited bandwidth during the night and is capped during the day. I would like to be able to schedule btsync to only allow data transfer during the hours that I have unlimited bandwidth.
  4. It would be great to be able to execute a script each time a folder finishes syncing. If this feature were available I would use it in conjunction with nzbToMedia to automate importing media files to their respective media folders. Please consider giving us the option to execute a script with parameters, similar to the way you can do this with many of the popular torrent clients. Thanks