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  1. Hello, I have two suggestions. 1) Ability to set the total size in the archive, per folder. Currently there is only a setting "max file size", which does not apply to the size of total files in the archive. I wish I could set the size of archive per synced folder, so that old files are deleted after the limit. As different folders may need different limit, it would be nice if I can set different limits per folder. 2) Currently the folders in the Android app cannot be sorted. Files can be sorted within a folder, but not on root. When I add a folder it always is positioned at the bottom. It can be sorted by name on Windows, but not on Android yet. I wish I could do the same on Android. Thank you for developing this great app!
  2. I know that Android has its own limitations about keeping file timestamp. However many file managers with root functionality bypass this limitation, and force preserving file dates while copying/moving files on rooted devices. Could Resilio Sync preserve file dates too at least on rooted devices? This file date changing thing on Android is really annoying.
  3. No comments on this feature yet? I believe it is important that Resilio Sync can sync files only on selected wifi, especially when your devices sometimes connect to a mobile hotspot.
  4. It would be great if sync can be initiated only on certain wifi, or if I have an option of disabling sync on certain wifi. It is different from enabling mobile data on/off. I want to disable sync especially when my devices are connected to a mobile hotspot, not using the data of hotspot. It doesn't matter if it uses a whitelist or Blacklist policy, but this feature would be an important option for this app. I also have another feature request, I'm not sure if I should start a new post. I hope the android app can do basic file editing functions such as rename, delete, copy or move (from and to another synced folder). Now if I want to rename or delete files I have to do it on my computer or I have to open a file explorer on my android device.
  5. Thank you for the reply. That sounds good, I might give it a try this weekend. Will it work that way (say folder C is not created in device 1 at all) even when I clean install 2.2 on my devices? (I mean, I am thinking about uninstalling 1.4 first before installing 2.2)
  6. I just found that you changed the pricing model. Thank you for listening to users' requests. I have stayed with 1.4 so far, but am thinking about giving 2.2 a try. Setting up and going back takes some time, so I have a question about how 2.2 sync works. In 1.4 the sync method used to be folder to folder sync, but it is now device to device sync. Let's say I have three devices, and want to sync three folders. Device 1 has folders A and B. Device 2 has B and C. Device 3 has A and C. I do not want folder C to exist in Device 1 at all (similar for devices 2 and 3). To make this sync work, do I need a Pro version (selective sync) or can free version handle this? Thank you.