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  1. Thank you for the feedback. I went to the page you pointed to, but didn't see anything specifically about perfecto forward secrecy. Is there a specific link to a page which discusses this? Best regards, John
  2. Does BTSync support perfect forward secrecy? The following post suggests yes, but it is kind of old and points to a security page that no longer exists: This page suggests that PFS doesn't apply since Sync doesn't use TLS: Is there any further information on this? Thank you, John
  3. Thank you, Helen - this is very helpful! John
  4. Is there a maximum number of users I can share/sync a folder with using BTSync? I'm looking for either a hard limit (ie, BT sets a limit) or else a practical limit (ie, performance drops off dramatically when a folder is shared with more than X number of users). I would be interested in any limits both for the Free and Pro versions. The background to my question is that we are developing a private content delivery network utilizing file sharing services, and wanted to check how scalable file sharing is with BTSync. Thank you very much for your input! John