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  1. Excellent -- but how do I contact the support team?
  2. Since updating to version 2.6.0, the two machines that I keep in sync both display the error message "Cannot get the list of trackers". I have checked everything listed at https://help.resilio.com/hc/en-us/articles/210587126-Cannot-connect-to-trackers. All the relevant ports seem to be open, and I can download the tracker address file in my browser. In any case, one of the machines is in my home, behind my router, and the other is at my university office, so the problem can't be localized to one router or location. I did not have this message before the update. Help?
  3. On one of my synced machines, the hidden ".sync" folder contains many files with the extension ".!sync". The other synced machine does not. Is this how it should be, or is this situation telling me something (for example, about why I have continued intermittent syncing problems)?
  4. About a year ago, my formerly rock-solid installation of Resilio Sync on my laptop and office desktop Mac became unreliable. I would suddenly realize that nothing had been syncing for a while, and when I checked it would appear that sync of one or more folders was stuck at some percentage. Often when this happens it is also impossible to quit Resilio Sync without force-quitting it. Resilio support had me send log files and replied that contrary to the evidence of my eyes, there was no problem — so I abandoned that interaction. Eventually I discovered that quitting Sync and deleting the fo