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  1. Hi, I use Resillo service to sync offsite. The offsite backup uses placecards to only sync what is needed. If i delete a file from source then a *.rsls file is put in the files place. How do i stop this from happening please? If i delete from source then the backup placecard should just disappear.
  2. Yes both were the latest from your downloads page. Logs are not available as i removed the service and install GUI instead. but now this seems to be taken forever to index. Also another issue i have is if i rename a file on the Server the old file on the client side deletes itself. I am going to uninstall everything and try once more. Service on the server and GUI on the client?. Beanie
  3. Hi, I am trying out the Pro option and using Selective Sync Read Only key. I have installed Sync as a service on the "server" side, and the desktop client on the "client side" Last night the client side moved 90% of my files to the archive folder (I assume it will delete in 30 days) but these files never moved on the server, nor would i have wanted them to. Luckily i was able to move them back. Would anyone know why this would happen please? thanks Beanie