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  1. This is intended behaviour on folders I need to actually sync. Unless I can set this per folder? Even so, it doesn't solve the problem, now I need to delete photos from at least three places.
  2. Right Helen, that's the problem. If I take a bad or inappropriate photo, I literally can't delete it. If I delete it from my desktop, the copy on my laptop replaces it. If I delete it from my laptop, the copy on my desktop replaces it. This makes the feature basically useless. What I personally would like would be a true two-way sync. Keep my sync folder in complete sync with what is on the device's photos. This still functions as a backup due to Sync's archive feature. But even if that's too much effort, at least allowing me to make the folder read-write so that I can delete unwante
  3. You can't delete photos. My assumption is that whoever designed this feature doesn't actually use it because it's just silly as-is.
  4. I'm not worried about accidental deletions though, both iOS and Sync keep deleted files for 30 days. What I need is an offsite backup, in case I lose my device. When I delete something from iOS, is it supposed to delete from the Sync folder? That would be great if it did, but it doesn't seem to happen.
  5. I'm testing the Camera backup feature on iOS, how does one delete a "backed up" image? My dream feature would be to have my iOS Camera Roll replicated in a Sync folder so that changes are replicated to my computer in real time (within the limits of iOS backgrounding, of course -- Assume I open the iOS Sync app and let it sync), if I delete something from iOS, I want it deleted on the desktop as well, and vice versa, it would be useful to be able to clean up from the desktop and have the photos deleted from the iOS photo library on the next sync. However, since a true sync doesn't see