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  1. THANK YOU! It work again. If only it wasn't this hard do.
  2. Absolutely no error messages. The only thing my browser says is ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED, the same thing it says when the server is not running. I have rebooted several times but no change. I went as far as resetting my NAS to try on a fresh system, no luck. I figured I should check if the service is actually running, but does't seem to be. Tried installing the package you linked to, stil not working. I guess I'll try replacing btsync_arm, but first: how do I do that?
  3. I have two Asustor 1002T that I last week updated to ADM version 2.6.0.R4R1. After the update I can no longer access the Web-UI. PS: Asustor is only using version 2.3.3 of btsync.
  4. Do Sync auto update when running as a service or do I have to manually install an update?