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  1. this is a brand new install. just built this PC 3 weeks ago
  2. now its back again.... ugh Is there a settings file somewhere I can check?
  3. I don't have anything in my C: drive synced. Both paths that I sync are to the G: drive that has photos on it. also about 12 hours ago the icon disappeared off all my desktop icons. I haven't rebooted since making this post.
  4. I could be wrong, but i swear i haven't seen this sync icon on the my desktop shortcuts before. What is this? Why does it show up here? What is its purpose? How do I shut it off? Thank you for your time.
  5. So just like the title says, most of the time BTsync maxs out my connection from my server but sometimes i get reduced to a crawl and I would like help diagnosing where the problem lies. My server has 1Gbps upload and my home connection has 100Mbps down. I have no idea what the problem is possibly BTSync settings, isp throttle at certain times, a bottleneck somewhere between me an d the server or my server not uploading at advertised speeds correctly. It has to be one of these four but im not sure how to diagnose it. Where can we start and what information can i provide to help us figure it out? Thanks