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  1. The "overwrite any changed files" option is not checked. In an attempt to solve the problem I changed it about a month ago to a read only folder which only the PC can write to. So I have 2 sync folders, one on my PC which is synced with my phone, but is read only, and on my phone which is synced to my PC, and is also read only. If I need a file I just go which folder I need and grab it Unfortunately the renamed files problem still remains despite that. The PC version of sync is running on Windows, and the phone version is running on Android, which is using adaptable storage to
  2. Hi, I use sync to sync a bunch of pictures between my phone and my computer. Sometimes I rename these photos so they are easier to find later, and I've just realised that when I do that, sync will make duplicated of the files, one which was renamed and one which was not. Sometimes it just deletes the renamed file and keeps the non renamed file. Any ideas on how to fix this?