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  1. Also there is something I don't understand well about nested folder, because the folder can be nested or not depending of the peer. If I use the same example as above, the folders are nested for peer A, but for peer B and C they are not nested it's just two different folders? Now, if I share also folder C from peer A with peer B at this moment only the folders would also be nested on peer B? In advance sorry for my english, it's not my mother tongue.
  2. Hello everyone, I have a few questions concerning folder structure and nested folder. I was wondering if this folder structure is possible ? Folder C is a subfolder of Folder B which is a subfolder of Folder A Peer A - File server - always on Folder A (Advanced folder Owner, shared R/W with peer B) |-> Folder B (not explicitly shared through Sync but can be accessed by peer B) |-> Folder C (Advanced folder Owner, shared RO with peer C) Peer B - windows client Folder A (advanced folder shared from peer A, R/W access selective sync enabled on this device) Peer C - Android phone Folder C (advanced folder shared from peer A, RO access selective sync enabled on this device) I am asking you this because, I recently read that nested folder share is not possible with selective sync and RO access?