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  1. Guys, I finally tried to implement the idea that several people have suggested - proxy the tracker and relay connection, and direct connect with the peers. Here is the code and docs: https://github.com/the729/sync-over-the-wall You need Sync 2.5.7. I have tried with mac and windows. The instructions are a bit difficult to follow. I'm trying to make it more smooth. You may need some technical background to configure the whole thing.
  2. Sounds cool. Permanent against GFW or against any kinds of attack? It is much easier to do the former. GFW is not a real firewall (as a hardware that can deal with nation-wide traffic is simply impossible). Rather, GFW is a police car parking on the shoulder of the high way. It can monitor and inject packets, but not drop packets. And GFW is only on the border of Chinese network. So it does nothing against internal traffic, as long as you don't have a fixed server running "illegal" contents. AFAIK, GFW does 3 things: a) poison DNS, b) blacklist IP and/or port, c) identify traffic patterns and inject TCP RST to terminate connection, or bad sequence number to slow-down TCP connection. Type c) has c1) identify censored phrases, which is easily overcome by any kind of encryption; and c2) identify traffic patterns such as SSH and VPN, which needs too much development that they won't bother to do on Sync. And Type c) identified "illegal" foreign IPs are temporarily added to b) blacklist for some 3-5 minutes. Hope this helps, in case you guys don't have idea how GFW works.
  3. I believe "Use proxy for hostname lookups" means to use the proxy for DNS queries (config.resilio.com, tracker1.resilio.com, etc. ). In Sync terminologies, "peers" are other computer nodes that you connect to.
  4. Dear joshofbass, I already contacted company that sells sync in China, and they have already stopped selling sync thanks to the block. And I don't believe they will set up some trackers inside china without being questioned by the Gov. I believe the solution is the technology itself. You know bitcoin is hated by nearly every Gov and yet running smoothly, because it is truly P2P. Sync is the closest to be immune to Gov censorship due to its P2P nature. So make it truly P2P, please!
  5. Resilio Sync is blocked by Chinese gov recently. DNS resolve of all resilio.com hosts are blocked, as well as trackers and relay servers. Is it possible to make Sync truly server-less? Sync is currently the closest to the server-less goal, compared to other cloud-based solutions such as Dropbox. As far as I know, there is DHT network which was supported by old BTSync but removed in Resilio Sync. Can you bring DHT back as an optional feature? If DHT can not be back easily. Could you add a tracker-only proxy option, instead of global proxy? As a paid user of Resilio Sync, I'm so upset that I can't use it anymore. Hope this can be resolved soon.