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  1. I have not found that to be true in practice. On Saturday I had seven laptops in the same room on the same network and had to proxy from Beijing to Tokyo and back to get them to see each other. I have temporarily switched to an alternative sync type service that is not blocked. I wish you guys good luck with the solution. The GFW sure does suck.
  2. A few us have asked questions about using proxies and whether or not it could be made so that the peer connections don't go through the proxy, but either you guys don't want to answer the question or are too busy to answer the question. I'm really hoping that there is an answer somewhere in all this. It's very frustrating to see new questions go answered while our questions and ideas go unacknowledged.
  3. A few of us have asked questions and raised ideas for solutions for sync in China, so far we are getting no replies. I get it that you guys are probably busy but it would be nice know that something is going on. If our suggestions and ideas have reasons that they wouldn't work we would be okay with being told that. As it is now, we have no idea if you are listening or not..
  4. ...................crickets in here................... If you can't do the proxy thing please just let us know so we can get on with finding an alternative
  5. It's weird to see that every time someone mentions the idea of proxying trackers only it never gets a response. Is it just getting skipped over amongst the rest of the ideas put up or is there some reason why it's unfeasible. To me it seems like the easiest solution by far but it never gets addressed. I'd call conspiracy but I don't think even Alex Jones could come up with a reason as to why a proxy conspiracy would exist. please.. let us proxy tracker requests only.... or tell us why we are wrong to want it...
  6. Is there an easy way to use predefined hosts when my ip keeps changing?
  7. I now think it does mean that, but in addition to the peers going over proxy as well.
  8. Currently sync doesn't seem to have any option to only proxy the tracker server. I tried all the options available but it put all the data over the proxy which is incredibly inefficient. A file would be going from Beijing to Japan and back again. There was someone suggesting the use of proxifier to make the app only proxy certain connections, but as that's another purchase I'd have to justify on top of sync it's not really something I'm looking forward to. I started with a free cloud service, then changed to sync, and on top of that I need to pay for a proxy and an app to make sure only some connections go through the proxy. I really want to make this work but it's not easy. At the same time I know it's not Resilio's fault for getting blocked and it must be a massive hassle for you guys to make workarounds for it. Predefined hosts doesn't work for me really because my ip changes so often. Is that what you mean by use known hosts? So far the only thing that works for me is manually going in to each computer every morning and setting them to use the proxy for a while then change back once the hosts file has been updated. It will do for now but it would be soooo nice if the option to only put the hosts through the proxy. Even better, why not work with the company that sells sync for you in China to put up some servers inside the Great Firewall so that we don't need the proxy at all. Don't mean to come off like a needy child, its just that we liked using sync when it worked and would love to be able to keep using it. thanks.
  9. Both of those posts have unanswered questions as their most recent comment.
  10. I use a shadowsocks proxy for my general web use. If I set up sync to use the proxy for host lookups, does that mean that it won't use the proxy for actual data transfer? It would seem a little crazy to be sending my data from Beijing to Japan and back again. The terminology used is a little ambiguous "Use proxy for hostname lookups" could mean only use if for host name lookups, or it could mean as well as data transfer also use it for hostname lookups.
  11. Thanks, this does give me some hope that it will come together eventually.
  12. There have been many new threads recently talking about the fact that it's becoming impossible to use sync at all in China. For a short while it seemed the devs were interested in getting it to work, but I haven't seen any new information for almost a month now and I'm now having to start looking at other options like syncthing. I'm not making a judgement either way. Dealing with the Chinese firewall is always gonna be a hassle and I would understand if you guys feel like it's too much work for little benefit. What I'm asking is that you let us users know so we can decide what to do from here. I prefer sync to the alternatives and I'm willing to wait if I know somethings coming, but if it isn't I'd like to know so I can invest more time in finding other ways to meet my needs. Thanks for the work so far. joshofbass
  13. Upvote for MD5 while freely admitting I don't know if you did that already or not.
  14. In my family we have four phones that we want backed up to four individual computers, in two locations. So far sync has been great for creating a family backup/share system that remains constant between our two houses, but I'm unsure of how to proceed with the photo backups. What I'd like is for all the phones to drop their files into shared folder on a computer and then have those photos shared to the other computers. ie, the phone uploads each file once and once only. after that the syncing should be done between the other computers and any edits/deletes should sync across. I'm afraid that if I give the phone backup key to each of the four computers, the phone will have to upload each photo four times and then each computers backup folder will independent of the others and modifications/deletes will not be shared across. How? Thanks.