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  1. This is what you can find in sync.log just before the issue: [20170829 21:46:01.019] Posting message to change network to WIRED_NETWORK [20170829 21:46:01.019] Got network change event (suggested type: WIRED_NETWORK) [20170829 21:46:01.019] We are about network reload [20170829 21:46:01.020] D! 14TrackerTcpConn::set_error[0x00007fe440431380][-1] 53 (network reload) [20170829 21:46:01.020] D! 14TrackerTcpConn::set_error[0x00007fe440704230][-1] 53 (network reload) [20170829 21:46:01.020] D! 16TunnelConnection::set_error[0x00007fe4415cb800][59] 53 (network reload) [20170829 21:46:01.020] D! 1
  2. I've got 2.5.7 (1061) on macOS and 2.4.10 (298) on iPhone and the current Version of my iPad ... no syncing issues at all (Std,Adv,Encrypt-Folder).
  3. " some files got stuck and are trying to finish syncing" This might be the case, but in my situation, there are no peers available to sync to right now. My NAS is offline and the other notbooks are offline too. Maybe Sync wants to sync but cannot ... and ends up in an infinit loop. (I'm trying to provide logs as soon as possible)
  4. Same issue here with all my Macs and Sync Version 2.5.7 (1061). I'm working with Sync in the evening. Then I close the lid of my MacBook Pro / Air. The next day I open the lid and the Sync App got stuck with 100% CPU usage.