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  1. Apparently adding files in the sd cards were eventually notified to Sync but with a very long delay, probably 10/15+ minutes. This seems to be related to this issue: Even tough it appears to be unsolved so far. But Removing files was never notified, even after hours. If I restarted the android app I could still see the (non-existent) files in the list but the preview was not available anymore. If I click on them the Gallery app opens..and crash..because those files do not exist anymore. This seems to be an sd related bug, is it possible to fix it?
  2. Hello, My first try with Sync Home (free). Here's my setup: - on my android my Camera folder is on sd card `SD://DCIM/Camera` - in Sync android app I created a new folder pointing to my camera physical folder (path above) - at this step by default the Selective Sync is on. This confused me as it is stated in the docs that this is a pro feature, anyway I've left as it was (on) - sent a link to my desktop app and started syncing The initial sync went well. Then I took a picture with my camera (automatically saved in `SD://DCIM/Camera) then I opened the Sync UI and I've noticed the picture was not listed under my Camera Sync Folder. I've tried to wait little bit, then I disabled auto-sleep, I gave the app notification a high priority from the Android settings, restarted the app but nothing changed. The same happened if I tried to delete any of the files inside the Camera folder from the Gallery App, the file remained listed in the Sync UI and of course the change not synced with other devices. So I figured this had to do with the Selective sync. I changed the folder settings disabling the selective sync (so I tough now everything inside Camera should be synced by default). As soon as I did that my other peer appeared to be offline. This is odd because I created other shared folder with the same peer and for the other folders it was correctly online. I went back and switched again on the selective sync but nothing, the other peer remained offline forever. I had to remove the folder and re-do the entire process, but this time selecting at the creation step to disable selective sync. I did that...an nothing changed! That mean that modification as adding or removing files in the Camera folder from another apps are not viewed by sync no matter the initial setup. The only way to remove a file so far as been by entering the sync app, selecting the file and then "Remove from all". If I modify anything that is already synced from the other peer then modification are propagated to my phone but modification from my phone are not even seen inside the android sync app. Have I misunderstood how sync is supposed to work or is this a bug?