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  1. Did what you said and found that most of the old syncs moved over without issue. There was one that had a permission issue, so I had to delete that and re-do from scratch. This saved me a lot of hassle. Thanks!
  2. I've Resilio setup on my existing Synology 1815+ that syncs data from a number of other devices. Now, I've bought a new Synology 1817+ that is going to replace the 1815+, but am still be keeping the 1815+ with the old drives for other backup use, but NOT with Resilio sync. I've already rsync over the directories from the 1815+ to the new 1817+ that Resilio sync uses to sync from other devices and installed the Resilio sync package into the 1817+. Is there an easy way for me to move the old configuration over from the 1815+ to the 1817+ without having to redo all the syncs from scratch?